Ceramic Marble Green Warmer - #CW233
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Ceramic Marble Green Warmer - #CW233

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Green candle warmer with a marble design. This 2 piece warmer has a removable top dish and 36" power cord with built in on/off switch. Power light lets you know at a glance when the warmer is on. Use the dish to melt your favorite scented tart or fragrance oil.

Remove the dish and place a jar candle on the heating plate to release the candles fragrance. Candle warmer measures 4 1/2" diameter x 3 1/4" high. Heating plate measures 3 3/4" while the dish is approximately 1 1/4" deep. Uses 20 watts of power.
This 2 in 1 tart warmer can be used to warm scented tarts to fill a room with your favorite fragrance. Remove the top dish to warm a jar style candle. Includes power cord, on/off switch and indicator light on front of the warmer. UL Approved for safety. This tart warmer uses 24 watts of power.